RV Accessories to Have in 2020

The first thing you have to make sure is that you buy an RV that is spacious enough for your entire family (for four members) to stay and move around comfortably. Once you have this off your list, here are some must-have accessories for your RV to have a fun and convenient camping trip.

Water pressure regulator

The camping sites offer water to the RVs, but the pressure from their pipes can damage the lines in your RV. That is why you need a quality water pressure regulator that can help you dial down the pressure from the water pipes, so you do not end up flooding your RV. Always choose a quality water pressure regulator as it will be able to take down any level of pressure significantly without breaking itself.

Water hose

You will also need a quality water hose to fill up your drinking water from the campsite or the water sources around the city. Make sure that your water hose is long enough to connect your RV to narrow places without you having to park accurately for making the connection.

Water filter

Another water equipment that you need is a good quality water filter. Even though you are taking drinking water from a water plant, it is important to filter it again to ensure your family’s safety. Sometimes you will also find some natural water sources, but you will need a filter to remove the sediments and particles before you make it safe for drinking.

Water filter

Sewer hose

You need to consider how you are removing the waste from your toilet without making things messy. Unless you have a composite toilet, you will need a sewer hose to clean your toilet when you find a sewer.


Camping sites also have levelers which help you to level your RV properly so that you do not spill anything inside your RV due to a slope. In case the camping sites do not have levelers and are also not flat enough, you will need a leveler of your own.


Chocks are necessary to keep your RV steady in one place and prevent it from rolling down the hill. You can use stones for the same purpose, but having a pair of chocks will be much cooler and safer for your RC and tires.

Holding tank treatment

This product will help you to break down the matter in your holding tank, so it does not smell bad inside your RV and prevent any clogging. Some tank treatment products are odor-free, which can be the best choice for you.

Disposable gloves

Many times you will be dealing with things that will get your hands dirty. Whether it is cleaning your sewage tank or fixing the oil in your engine, a pair of disposable gloves will be effective in providing hygiene when you are dealing with dirty stuff.

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